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Barb Wilkins

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British Columbia, CA
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About Me

I've been called mad. I've been called brave. I like to think it's a combination of the two. I'm a runner who prefers the distance and the mountains over the short jaunts and the roads. Roads for me are exercise. With trails, i find myself beaming ear to ear without giving it thought. To fly downhill over the most technical rocky, rooty single track fills me with so much joy. Rain or shine, snow or mud, i love to run through the forest like Tinkerbell, then follow it up by eating everything in sight like Hansel & Gretel when they come across the candy house. Oh, to find a candy house in the forest!

Top Achievements

  • Diez Vista 50. con: my first ultra drop after an epic yard sale that broke my tailbone. pro: i ran 12 km with a broken ass and the story never gets old
  • Raised over $18,000 for North Shore SAR Team, guaranteeing me a spot in Knee Knacker for 6 years running
  • Spent a month cycling around Ireland solo.

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Knee Knacker North Shore Trail Run
30 miles
Antelope Canyon 55
55 KM
Squamish 50
50 KM