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Ashley Rand

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Texas, US

About Me

I'm a runner, but not your average runner. I don't run for speed, instead I am a social runner, one who interacts with others while moving. I started running alone, and joined my first 5k alone, and although I loved it, I felt simply alone. I didn't enjoy that, so I went on the app called Meetup, and found a local running group called Social Running in Fort Worth, Texas, joined in 2013 and the rest is history. Finding Social Running has opened so many opportunities for myself. I have a family of friends who all share the love of running, although we are different some are elite runners, some are walkers, we all fit in and encourage one another. I also love traveling for races, my favorites so far have been Yellowstone in 2017 and Glacier in 2018.

Top Achievements

  • Yellowstone Half Marathon
  • Glacier Half Marathon
  • Climbed Mount Washburn