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Jay Robinson

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Indiana, US

About Me

I really started long before 2005 (I ran middle school and high school track and cross country) but 2005 is when I got back into the sport. I ran my first half marathon that year, and a ridiculously slow pace, which caused me to vow to lose weight and get competitive. Since then, I have run countless half marathons and shorter distances, half a dozen full marathons, and even completed my first ultra marathon in May 2018 (50 mile trail race at Ice Age in Wisconsin). I did a trail ultra scheduled in March at Land Between the Lakes, in Kentucky. Next up is the Erie Marathon in September!

I have a wife and two daughters. I'm also a fan of basketball and baseball, and am a huge fan of Dave Matthews. Looks like I may be shooting for 6-7 concerts in 2019!

Top Achievements

  • Completed my first ultra marathon in 2018
  • Came within 90 seconds of a BQ qualification time in 2017
  • Won a half marathon a few years ago