Ultra Runner

Martin Schneekloth

Ultra Running Since
Alabama, US

About Me

I have been a competitive athlete all my life and started running 15 years ago. I began to train for and participate in ultra marathons about 9 years ago. An injury to my left ankle caused deep vein thrombosis in both legs and bilateral pulmonary emboli in my lungs, resulting in nearly a year of rehab and recovery before I was able to return to running. I decided to take this second chance to refocus my training and to live life to its fullest by exploring new places through the most challenging terrain possible. This has led to numerous PRs along the way, but more importantly, I have and continue to explore some of the most spectacular places on earth, including the Rocky Mountains in the United States, the Cascades in Canada, the Alps in Europe and the Himalayas of Nepal.

Top Achievements

  • Completed nearly 100 ultra marathons
  • More than 10 ultras of 100+ miles distance
  • 2nd Overall Master at the Everest Trail Race

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

50 km