Ruby Negrete

Marathon Since
Illinois, US

About Me

I got hooked on running when I was 14. At the time I needed a hobby and my mom wanted a running buddy. She took me to a local running club in Chicago called Venados and from there my passion took off. I was so inspired by the group and everyone's goals, I decided to set a goal to run my first marathon. When I was 16 I got into the Chicago marathon lottery and spend the whole summer eating and on the Chicago Lakefront path. For those of you who've run or spectated the Chicago marathon know the energy that comes from that weekend. It honestly inspires you, and there's a reason we come back for more.

Since then I've run right over a dozen marathon/ultramarathons, participated in a couple triathlons, and teach yoga/aerial fitness.

Top Achievements

  • Ran my first marathon in high school
  • Completed a 50 M race when I was 19