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Sadie Ellingson

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California, US

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My name is Sadie, I am a mother to 2 beautiful girls and a German Shepard/Lab who is my running partner. I have completed over 10 half marathons, 4 California Intentional Marathons and 1 Chicago Marathon. I started running in high school, joined the military, got out of the Marine Corps in 2011 and had my first baby in 2012, at the time I was looking for something to challenge me. So I signed up for my 1st half marathon and that's when I feel in love with long distance running. It has been an outlet to help me with my anxiety and I continue to seek out new challenges. I work full time, and my girls are very active so we are always on the go. My family supports my running and are always coming to my races and supporting me. I like to encourage my family and friends to stay active as well.

Top Achievements

  • I have completed 5 Marathons
  • Competed a Marathon 9 months postpartum

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Half Marathon