Road Runner

Tammy Whyte

Road Running Since
District of Columbia, US

About Me

Tammy has been a Nuun Ambassador for 3 years and love to spread the #nuunlife to others! She has run 10 marathons, over 35 half marathons, and races in 26 states (with a quest to run a half or full marathon in all 50 states). As a running coach and fitness professional, she takes a well-rounded approach to her training - mixing in a lot of strength and cross training. She's originally from Grand Rapids, MI, a proud U of Michigan alum, and currently resides in Washington, DC.

Top Achievements

  • Broke 3:45 in the marathon
  • Age group award at Mississippi Gulf Festival in 2017
  • Ran 1:42 in the half marathon

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

_ Marathon
_ HalfMarathon