Kate Barlow

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Michigan, US

About Me

I woke up one day and decided to quit smoking and start triathloning!!! Not exactly how it happened but my LOVE of swimming and enjoyment of biking certainly drove me towards triathlon. I was a pack a day smoker for 20 years, just abusing my lungs and heart. Not long after I decided to quit I was asked to join a marathon relay team, you know one of those guys vs. girls things, I'd always been athletic, a swimmer and softball player in HS, I thought I can walk three miles so why not, in my true fashion I went as hard as I could at it, I managed to put up a decent time and realized the one thing about triathlon that held me back and I didn't like, I was decent at and wasn't so bad! Here I am 5 years later, healthy heart, healthy lungs, training for my first marathon.. I know the girl who hated running!

Top Achievements

  • 1:45 Half Marathon PR
  • FINISHED Ironman 70.3 OH in sweltering heat and 43 minutes ahead of my goal.
  • 1st place AG in first Oly Tri

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