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Derrick Eidam

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New York, US

About Me

Hi everyone! I fell in love with running from the moment I started to make positive, more healthy choices in life. I started running as a way to lose weight along with proper diet. After shedding nearly 50 pounds, I decided to increase the distances. After a while, a question came up that I so desperately wanted to answer, how far could I take this?

I entered my first race in 2018, a 5k. Four months later, I completed my first half marathon on just three weeks of training. Granted, it was a pretty sloppy effort, but I crossed the finish line nonetheless.

2019 I decided to take things extremely seriously. Every meaningful distance record was broken in just a few short months. 6 months after my first half marathon, I competed in my second one, taking nearly 20 minutes off my best time. Two months later, another 2 minutes off that. I realized at this point that I wanted to focus on a full marathon.

I trained hard for 18 weeks and was confident on a finish. Life, however, had different plans. Midway through the race, I suffered a knee injury, and I was forced to bow out of what was supposed to be my crowning achievement.

This is not how my story will end, I’m just taking the scenic route for a little bit.

Top Achievements

  • Set a personal best time in every category in 2019
  • Ran 1200+ miles in 2019

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