Road Runner

Karen Williams

Road Running Since
Florida, US

About Me

I’ve never been an athletic person or one who participated in running or any sport growing up. As an adult I walked a few 5Ks and 10Ks for fun. The running bug struck me while volunteering at a half marathon finish line. Just seeing the tears of joy from the winner to the last person crossing the finish line had me thinking that this is something I could achieve once I set my mind to it. I never felt like I fit into the profile of a runner i.e. size,shape,pace but I dared to believe in myself and accomplished my goal of completing a half marathon and never looked back since!

Top Achievements

  • 2020- returning to running post injury and achieving a new PR
  • Early 2019 pre-injury completing my first ultra trail run
  • 2013- completing my very first half marathon

Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

13.1 miles
Trail Run- Blue Ridge Mountain Georgia
10.37 miles