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Valerie Jar

Trail Running Since
Utah, US
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About Me

I'm located in Salt Lake City. I’m most happy in the mountains and call the Wasatch home. The outdoor world plays a huge role in my life and I'm constantly finding inspiration in nature and being outside. My favorite thing about trail and mountain running is the exploration. I love seeing the world and being able to travel to environments you can only get to with your own two feet. It's magical and amazing!

Goals for the future:
• visit (and run in) every national park
• run a 100 mile race

Top Achievements

  • Have ran 4 ultras — three 50Ks and one 50M
  • Adopted a red heeler who is the best adventure pup!


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Speedgoat 50K
33 miles
half marathon
13.1 miles
26.2 miles