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Tracy Swearingen

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Nebraska, US
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About Me

Hi! I’m Tracy. I’m a wife, mom, professional, 2x marathoner, too many to count half-marathoner, and lover of books, craft beer and great wine. I started running when my oldest (now 12) was 2 years old. Truth is, I thought I was ‘healthy’, but really hadn’t lost the weight I gained during my pregnancy and was feeling pretty miserable all the time and was dealing with some pretty serious mental health issues. Running has allowed me to fully appreciate what the human body and mind are capable of, and has made me realize how important proper nutrition and hydration are to maintaining physical and mental health balance.

Top Achievements

  • Kicked a tobacco habit
  • 2x marathoner + too many half’s to count
  • Keeping up with a pre-teen and toddler in the midst of a world-wide pandemic!