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McKenzie Higgins

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New York, US

About Me

Just your average lawyer, working in corporate America, trying to hit that next PR on the pavement.

Started running when my (now) fiancé embarked on a year-long military deployment. What I thought would be a passing phase has now become a huge part of who I am.

Nuun has been a major game changer for me as my path as a runner has been riddled not only with the typical "over use" injuries, but also the diagnosis and management of Crohns Disease. I quickly found other electrolyte replacement beverages to be harsh on my insides, leaving me worse off than before. Nuun has enabled me to train for longer races, and stay healthy ans hydrated along the way.

Top Achievements

  • The PR streak of October 2018. I hit PRs in the 1m/5k/10k/half marathon distances over the course of 2 weekends!
  • A 26 minute half marathon PR at RnR New Orleans in March 2018.

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