Mountain Biker

Cianna Wyshnytzky

Mountain Biking Since
Utah, US

About Me

I remember slowing down to appreciate a meadow in the woods during a mountain bike race, then remembering I was supposed to be racing.
I don't race anymore.

I am a conservation earth scientist with extensive fieldwork experience in the western United States, European Alps, and Southern Alps. This fits nicely with my life outside of work, where you'll find me mostly mountain biking and skiing (backcountry and resort), as well as cycling, fly fishing, climbing, backpacking, and walking the dogs. I’ll probably try to tell you about how the landscape formed, whether you listen or not. I also captain one of few women’s hockey teams in the Intermountain West, encouraging everyone from new skaters to those who played in college to continue their love for the game.

Nuun accompanies me digging holes for science in the desert southwest, to floating through mountain powder, to seeking trout on small streams and big rivers, and everything in between.

Top Achievements

  • 2018, mountain biking: Telluride (CO) to Moab (UT)
  • 2015, running: Thames Meander Half Marathon - Somehow not directed to turn around during a half marathon & realized after several miles I was on the marathon course. Ran about 15.6 miles as my first "half marathon."
  • 2009, 2010, hockey: NCAA DIII National Champion