Road Runner

Jill Perrigoue

Road Running Since
Washington, US

About Me

I have been a runner for many years and it has seemed to evolve over those many years. I started as a track and field athlete as a sprinter and then moved into 5 and 10ks. Then the distance run bug bit and I started taking on half and full marathons and now after completing over 40 full marathons I am evolving again as a runner and moving into trail running and kicking around the idea of an ultra. Over those years running and being active has been very important to me. So much so I became an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, running coach, bootcamp instructor and fitness nutrition specialist. I love to share what I have learned to help others achieve their goals and discover the greatness that is an active and healthy lifestyle!

Top Achievements

  • Qualified for Boston
  • Completed my first trail run
  • Helped my clients summit Kilimanjaro and Rainier


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Fastest marathon so far
26.2 miles