Group Fitness

Nicole Hinterberger

Group Fitness Since
Pennsylvania, US

About Me

I am a full time physical therapist and a part time indoor cycling instructor at Flywheel. As a PT, I analyze movement, identify impairments, facilitate optimal function, and restore pain free living. As an instructor at Flywheel, I use music, cueing, and intervals to help you push past your limitations and get stronger. In both of my jobs, I get to motivate patients and group exercise athletes to achieve higher levels of performance. My goal is to motivate without being intimidating, inspire without being overbearing. I encourage people to push themselves while also listening to their body. I live a life of balance. No foods are off limits for me and I’m always sure to take at least one rest day per week. Outside of physical therapy and Flywheel, interests include: my cat Marco, true crime podcasts, yoga, Netflix, face masks, and brunch.

Top Achievements

  • Obtaining my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree
  • Becoming a Master Instructor at Flywheel