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Rafael Rodriguez, Jr.

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Florida, US

About Me

Hi, I’m just a guy who basically started running to lose weight, fell in love with it, and now I cant live without it. I especially love traveling to run in other states. I love spreading the positivity running brings you, physically, spiritually and mentally; I strive to enlighten others on the benefits of running. I aim to be a beacon for those in search of that something that gives purpose to ones life. Whether runnings itself is your purpose or running helps you find that purpose, it’s always about the journey and I’ve never been on a run I’ve regretted, good or bad, there’s always something positive to take from everything. Running teaches you that and then some. Running is a beautiful sport. Peace ✌️. — Rafael

Top Achievements

  • 3rd Marathon 1/27/2019
  • PR 5K
  • PR Half Marathon


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

5 K
13.1 Miles