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About Me

Hi, I'm Lori and I run outdoors for peace, joy and strength. I didn’t think I had it in me to become a runner until I was inspired as an adult to start by running a little bit, and then a little bit more with each run. I saw my water skiing, cycling endurance, and confidence improve as my running increased. I was hooked!

Running transcended physical fitness upon moving to Southern California where I began to run on the beach daily. As a solo runner I discovered running could bring me to a place where I could clear my head, find solutions or simply let go. Now back in Northern California, running in small groups is not only fun but brings new perspectives, inspiration and support all the while exploring the city, our neighborhood and the parkway. We take lots of photos mid-run of interesting things we see along the way like sunrises, sunsets, animals, architecture, and some rather random things too.

Running is my kind of fun and I never regret a run! I love running distances from 5Ks through full marathons. What I enjoy even more though, is other people beginning or fulfilling their running and fitness goals. I volunteer with Sacramento’s own Fit for Girls, empowering middle-school girls with practical tools for lifelong success through training for and crossing their first 5K finish line.

Top Achievements

  • 2020 — Valentine Run 4 miler PR
  • 2019 — RunSac Race Series 100 Mile Club
  • 2019 — California International Marathon


Personal Records

Athletic Accomplishments

Davis Stampede 2020
13.1 miles
Fab 40’s 5k 2017
3.1 miles
CIM Relay 4 Member Family Corporate Team 2017
26.2 miles